1. The Kirk Session

The Kirk Session presently comprises 16 members – 6 women and 10 men.

Each elder is assigned an Elder’s District to assist the Minister in providing pastoral oversight to a group of families, including both Professing and Covenant Members.

Session meets monthly, August through May, to discuss and decide on the activities, which create the Life and Work of the Congregation. Session has five working committees namely Worship and Music, Christian Education, Pastoral Care, Growth & Outreach., and Leading with Care.

2. Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee consists of eight members plus the Minister. We meet four times a year and report directly to Session.

  • • We recommend Sunday School curriculum.
  • • Organize the family Camp at Camp Geddie.
  • • Organize the annual BBQ/Fun Day.
  • • Report to Session on all C.E. matters

3. Pastoral Care Committee

Six Church members make up the Pastoral Care Committee. The committee meets four times a year under the spiritual guidance and direction of our Minister. The purpose of the meeting is a) to review the list of Church members being visited and report on any  changes or needs that those being visited require and b) add new congregation members to the list to be visited.

 4. Sunday School

  • • We have four classes – Pre-school, Primary-Grade 1, Grades 2-3, and Grades 4-5 – plus the nursery.
  • • Currently we have approximately 24 children who are registered for Sunday school.
  • • We meet during the Sunday service. We attend the service for about 15 minutes, and after the children’s story we go downstairs. We sing a couple of songs and then break into classes.
  • • Currently, we follow a curriculum from Faith Alive that allows the teachers to plan their lessons, crafts and hand-outs according to the manuals provided.
  • • Sunday school generally runs from the middle of September to the end of June, similar to the regular school year.

5. Board of Managers

The Board of Managers meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, excluding July, August, and December. There are 15 Board members who serve three year terms. Each year, five new Board members are elected to replace five retiring members. This ensures continuity and experience from year to year. Every year, following the confirmation of new Board members by the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Board elects three officers – Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. At least one member of Session serves on the Board.

 6. Atlantic Mission Society (AMS)

At Calvin, there are six to eight active members who meet regularly. In February 2008, the members met to discuss whether or not to continue. The members of this small, but determined group would like to see Calvin’s Auxiliary continue.  AMS became a part of Calvin Church in 1960 and many of our members have been part of AMS since. To let this group just die after such a legacy is unthinkable.

Leadership, chairing of meetings, and planning of activities is shared among the members of the group. The group meets once a month.

 7. Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild has 14 active members who meet twice a month. We have a devotional message followed by a business meeting and social time.

We cater to receptions for funerals and Presbytery when it meets at our Church.

All this we could not continue to do without the help of others in the congregation, especially the Ladies Fellowship Group.

8. Ladies Fellowship Group

The Ladies Fellowship Group meets the second Tuesday of each month. The main purpose of the group is to get to know one another better. We also hold fund raising events for the Church. The group sponsors the annual Bake Auction held in February and two yard sales during the year.

We make monthly visits to the residents of Lynden Rest Home and provide treats for them. We also invite them to attend our Spring Luncheon and the Christmas Coffee Party sponsored by the Ladies Guild. We provide Christmas gifts for the residents.

9. Bible Study

From time to time our Minister will hold Bible Study on a weekly basis. This interesting program is held one afternoon a week as well as  one evening . Times and topics are indicated on the Events link.

10. Choir

The choir meets once a week on Wednesdays for practice. The choir adds to the weekly church service by leading the congregation in singing , and on special occasions provide anthems. New members are always welcome.

11. The Community Seniors Friendship Group

The Seniors Friendship Group meets each Wednesday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. At present we comprise of over 40 members from various churches in the Halifax West/Clayton Park area who meet with old friends, make new ones and play games.

We close each afternoon with tea, coffee and refreshments. 

New members are always welcome.