The Beginning of Calvin…
In 1953, a Planning Committee was instrumental in the spade work of organizing a new church, (Calvin) in Northwest Halifax. In March 1954, a Westmount area survey was conducted under the supervision of Rev. A.E. Morrison. On December 9, 1956, he called a meeting of all persons in the Westmount area, who were willing to support this new church. Many families showed interest and pledged their support, and eventually these families petitioned Presbytery to form a  ongregation.  The first worship service was held in the Westmount School, on March 31, 1957 with 27 adults and 13 children in  attendance.
On September 12, 1957, the interim Session met. Rev. A.E. Morrison was asked to correspond with Rev. A.O. MacLean, (who then was in Coburg, Ontario) and ask him to lead this new congregation. This correspondence proved successful, and Rev. MacLean began his new charge on October 12, 1957, when he and his family were welcomed to Halifax, by Rev. Morrison. In September 1957, the congregation had begun worshipping in Edgewood School, with the first Communion Service being held on December 15, 1957. Reception of members was held on March 28, 1958, when 67 members joined by transfer and 14 on Profession of Faith.
In June 1958, the congregation moved to St. Andrew’s School. Shortly after, plans were laid for the building of a church on Ashburn Avenue. The sod for which was turned on July 14, 1959, and the corner stone was laid on February 21, 1960, by Rev. A.O. MacLean. On May 29, 1960, the Rev. John Cameron, Moderator of Presbytery, officiated at the dedication of the church sanctuary with Rev. J.A. Munro, Secretary of Home Missions, as a guest preacher. Since its inception, Calvin Church has had four Ministers: Rev. Dr. A.O. Maclean, Rev. Cedric Pettigrew, Rev. W.G.S. (Sydney) McDonald and our present Minister, Rev. Michael Koslowski.
In our 50+ years, our congregational life has revolved around our Mission Statement: “Worship, Teaching, Fellowship, Service, and Outreach – Striving to live the Christian life in today’s world.”  We trust you will experience that fellowship in our worship service.
Our mission outreach is manifested by our Mission Committee, our A.M.S Auxiliary and special outreach projects, such as the recent resettlement program for a Palestinian refugee family to Halifax. In Christian Education, we have a vibrant Sunday School, bible study programs, and our youth are also served by our local Scout program. Fellowship is encountered not only in Sunday worship but during the week with our Ladies Guild and Ladies Fellowship groups. Occasionally we have a Saturday morning breakfast for everyone. We also provide space  an A.A. group, and a N.A. group. Although these groups are not Calvin run programs, we are happy to be able to share our space with others.

We would graciously welcome you if you choose to make us your permanent church home.